Honestly, what’s not to love about summer? School’s out, the days are long, and life just feels a little easier. But while students are taking a break from early mornings and homework, are we letting our youth ministries slip into break mode too?

If we want to see our students grow in their relationships with Jesus and love for the lost, we should give them opportunities to do so, and summer is the perfect time! But how do we actually make summer break count for God’s kingdom within our youth group?

On our hunt for practical summer outreach ideas to pass on to other youth pastors, we asked some of Dare 2 Share’s Certified Trainers (CT’s) for tips from their own experiences. These CT’s have been in the trenches of youth ministry and come out with great ideas for events that give teens a chance to serve in their own communities. By participating in local outreach, students can learn that serving others and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life, not just something reserved for mission trips.

So instead of settling for volleyball nights and cookouts during these ideal summer months, let’s give our students a mission to advance God’s kingdom with these 5 Outreach Ideas for Summer!