Move your teens from apathy to intensity

We know how frustrating it can be to see students at youth group only get excited when they play games and when every element of the evening is overly-stimulating. What's even more frustrating, is after a carefully planned lesson, none of the students seemingly absorbed what was said.

5 Surefire Youth Ministry Habits helps youth leaders dig deep into five youth ministry habits that are sure to help students get excited for knowing and living out their faith (all without the added special effects!) 

5 Surefire Youth Ministry Habits that will Move your Teens from Apathy to Intensity

Here's a closer look at this free PDF download:

  • Learn about 5 habits youth ministries across the nation are using to effectively engage their students in the gospel message and deeper discipleship.
  • Gain practical tips for ways to use these simple habits in your youth ministry context.
  • Begin applying these habits immediately. At the end of the eResource, you'll find a quick action plan designed to help you begin using each of the 5 habits in the next two months .

Enjoy the read, and take the simple steps toward a more passion-filled youth ministry today!

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